Bill Verwys


A Mechanical Engineer and Sr Engineering Program Manager; specializing in quality control and software automation; with multiple track championships and winning seasons.

Patrick Verwys


 A Director of Sales managing multi million dollar brands on QVC; making 100s of on air presentations annually; with 1 track championship and consistent wins since 2002.

Peter Verwys


Many big race wins including King of the Mountain, and ROC Pro4, Peter races a wide variety of cars and divisions. 

"Uncle" Peter Verwys


Truck Driver.  Coming off a Championship Season in the 4/6Cyl Endoro Division at Riverhead Raceway.

Bill Verwys Sr.


Retired electrician and truck driver. He is a true American post war Family Man. Currently retired from racing, but has race ready car just in case....

Katie Verwys


 9 year old 3rd generation driver with 3 years of on track experience coming off her 1st track championship and a 15 win season, including 11 wins in a row. Katie will be moving up to a Bandolero for the 2015 season.


Sean Verwys


11 year old 3rd generation driver with 6 years of on track experience and multiple wins per year never finishing outside of the top 3 in season points. 2015 will have Sean continuing is his early success in the Bandolero's racing all over the East Coast.


VFR Motorsports 


We are 3rd generation Family Owned Race team with the dedication to winning the right way.